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Four Things That Get Your Home SOLD!

There are 4 factors that get your home sold. The four factors are location, condition, marketing, and price.


Location is one of the first things that attract buyers and their agents. You can't change your location. Your location and neighborhood is what it is. You can however tell your agent what you love about your neighborhood and location. A listing agent will usually include this in their marketing to attract buyers and agents to the location of your home.


While you can't change location, you can change the condition of your home so that it's appealing as possible. Buyers are attracted or distracted immediately by the condition of the home. From the curb appeal to the every room in the house, to the backyard, it all matters to a buyer.

Buyers are trying to see themselves in any property that they visit. They are trying to envision their life inside of your house. So our goal is to help them by preparing the house so that nothing distracts them from being able to do this. You will need a great curb appeal, clean interior, as few repairs as possible- remember, daydreams don't often come with hammers, and as few reminders as possible that someone else is living here, and that includes not being there during showings.

Once you decide to work with a Realtor® they will advise you on how to prepare your home to accomplish this. We call that step the staging step.


Not every Realtor®/brokerage is created equally. I have a 14 step marketing plan that is designed to attract buyers extremely quickly. ALL of our listings get a Matterport virtual experience. We come in and create a 3D walkthrough that takes about 40-50 scans of your home and pieces together a one of a kind experience for every buyer to go through your home without ever having to step foot into your house. Doing this virtual tour also creates professional pictures and schematic floor plans. We eliminate the "lookers" from coming through. Your neighbors can look up your address on the internet and your 3D Tour will be right there for them to see, share on social media, and send out to their friends and family members. Your home is advertised on hundreds of websites locally, nationally, and internationally. We will create a unique QR code with your virtual tour and your property website so anyone that is physically in front of your home can get info as soon as they scan the QR code. These are just a few examples of our custom 14 step marketing plan for your home.


The price of your home is determined by the market. That is, what buyers are actually offering and competing sellers are accepting based on recently sold properties. The market fluctuates from state to state, city to city, and often neighborhood to neighborhood. Given the number of homes for sale at any given time, the market will either favor the buyer or the seller. Our current market in the Metairie, Louisiana area favors the sellers. As of today the market has less than a 3 month supply of inventory. This means there are more buyers than properties for sale, so sellers are emboldened to ask for more than the market price. It is easier for sellers to sell a well priced house, and properties priced right can go fast. Buyers have fewer choices and must act quickly to get the home they way. Buyers are very smart and educated about the market, especially those who have been looking a while. They have been looking online at property websites and will know what similar homes in your neighborhood are listed and sold for. Buyers are always looking for a great home at the right price. Are you interested in what your home is worth? Click here for a free CMA (competetive market analysis) of your home.

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